Welcome to Sumner County, Tennessee

Welcome to Sumner County, Tennessee! Sumner County is located just north of Nashville, Tennessee, and it runs north to the Kentucky border.  Sumner County is a great place to live, to work or to visit.  We have summarized many of the important web sites that will help you explore Sumner County.  Just click on the links below!


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Important Sumner County
Phone Numbers

(All numbers are in area code 615)

Airport - 451-1490
Assessor of Property - 452-2412
Adult Education Center - 451-5418
Agricultural Extension Service -
Ambulance Service - 451-0429
Ambulance (Emergency) - 911
Archives - 452-0037
Board of Education - 451-5200
Building Codes - 452-1467
Building Commissioner - 452-1467
Business Licenses - 452-4063
Car Tags - 452-4063
Career Center - 452-1964
Chancery Court - 452-4282
Circuit Court - 452-4367
Clerk - 452-4063
Codes, Building - 452-1467
Constables - 530-3341
County Executive - 452-3604
County Mayor - 452-3604
Crime Stoppers - 230-8477
Criminal Court - 451-3209
Criminal Investigations - 451-3425
Deeds, Register of  - 452-3892
Detective Division - 451-3425
Drivers Licenses - 230-2995
Drug Task Force - 451-6021
E911 Office - 451-1200
Education, Board of - 451-5200
Elections Commission - 452-1456
Emergency Management - 452-7584
Environmental Office - 451-5858
Executive - 452-3604
Fair Association - 452-3172
Finance Director - 451-6026
General Sessions Court - 452-4310
Health Department - 206-1100
Highway Department - 452-2632
House Numbers (Get a new house
     number assigned) - 451-1200
Jail - 451-2409
Juvenile Court - 452-4310
Law Director - 451-6060
Marriage Licenses - 452-4063
Mayor (Gallatin) 451-5961
Mayor (Hendersonville) 822-1000 
Mayor (Portland) 325-6776
Mayor (Sumner County*) - 452-3604
(*Note: the above number is for the Sumner County Mayor, not the mayor of Gallatin or some other city.  The Sumner County Mayor used to be called the Sumner County Executive.)
Mayor (Westmoreland) 644-3382
Mayor (White House) 672-4350 
Museum - 451-3738
Planning & Zoning - 451-6097
Pupil Transportation - 452-1520
Rabies Control - 452-2400
Register of Deeds  - 452-3892
Resource Authority - 452-1114
Risk Management - 451-6023
Septic Tank Letters 451-5858
Sheriff - 452-2616
Sheriff (Emergency) - 911
Tags, Car - 452-4063
Tax Assessor - 452-2412
Tourism - 230-8474
Trustee - 452-1260
Warrants Office - 451-9109
Veterans Service Center - 451-6014
Voter Registration - 452-1456
Zoning - 451-6097

Note: a few of the numbers above are not actually Sumner County Government numbers.  For example, Drivers Licenses is a State of Tennessee number.  However, we list them here for your convenience.


New Web Site for Gallatin
This web site contains a wealth of information about Gallatin, Tennessee.
sumner county court house Sumner County Government
The official web site of Sumner County, Tennessee.
Red Barn Winery & Vineyards
Located right next door to Sumner County in Macon County.  A great place for a drive in the country!

This is the official community web site for Portland, Tennessee.  This web site contains a wealth of information about Portland, "Home of the Strawberry Festival."
lake Hendersonville
This web site contains a wealth of information about Hendersonville, Tennessee, "The City by the Lake."
gazebo in Westmoreland Westmoreland
The official web site of the Town of Westmoreland, Tennessee.  This web site contains a wealth of information about Westmoreland.
White House
This web site contains a wealth of information about White House, Tennessee.
Sumner County Clerk's Office
Official site of the Sumner County Clerk's office which hand\les, car registration, car tags, business licenses, marriage licenses, etc.
Geographic Information System
Online GIS maps from the Property Assessor's Office.  Voting districts, major roads, lakes, streets, ponds, zoning, flood plains, topo, population density, shaded relief, etc.

Want to do a bit for world peace? Or, just help one child?
Share Your Life ... Host an AFS Exchange Student!
AFS Intercultural Programs is a non-profit organization that places exchange students into homes all around the world, including in Middle Tennessee.   Host families basically accept an exchange student from another country into their home for 11 months.  The student attends your local high school and learns about life in the United States firsthand.  This is a truly amazing experience for both the exchange student and the host family. Please click here for more information on the local-area AFS chapter: http://www.misstennky.org/?synapsecmd=view.hosting   If you have questions or want to volunteer, please feel free to call Brian at the AFS Eastern Region Service Center in Baltimore, Maryland, 1-800-876-2377, ext 124.  You may also e-mail AFShostcommittee@misstennky.org.   For more information on AFS, please go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AFS_Intercultural_Programs
Maps Official Sumner County Map
from TDOT
(pdf format)

City Maps
from TDOT

Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary
FFAS is a 501(c )(3) non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing abused, abandoned and neglected animals in middle Tennessee. The animals taken in by FFAS are checked by a veterinarian, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and then placed in our adoption program and housed by a volunteer foster parent. We are committed to long-term care and placement of all animals that come into Freedom Farm.  Therefore, we do not euthanize as a means of population control or to make room for new animals.
Tennessee Highway 52
Tourist Trail

This site lists all of the tourist attractions along Tennessee Highway 52 in Macon County and northern Sumner County.
Sumner County Tourism
The official web site of the Sumner County Convention and Visitors Bureau.
Public Transportation
The Mid-Cumberland Human Resources Agency operates a regional transit van system providing public transportation to residents of 12 counties.
Animal Resource Web Site
Sumner County Animal Web Site Darrel Johnston, a volunteer for various animal shelters and groups in Sumner County, has just started a new web site. Darrel writes, "The site is a public information resource for animal organizations and events in Sumner County, and I believe it will benefit both the county and the animal groups."

Forward Sumner
The economic development agency for Sumner County, Tennessee.
Sumner County Archives
  The Sumner County Archives is the official depository for the records of Sumner County and also the official research center for the county.   We are a department of the Sumner County government. 
children boarding school buses Sumner County Pupil Transportation
The official web site of the Sumner County Pupil Transportation Department.  Find out school bus schedules and attendance zones for Sumner County Schools.
Leadership Sumner
Leadership Sumner is a personal development program designed to motivate participants to develop and enhance the quality of their leadership in addressing pertinent community needs.
Sumner County Sheriff's Office
The official web site of the Sumner County Sheriff's Office.
school children Sumner County Schools
The official web site of Sumner County Schools.

For information on what bus your child will ride or what school he/she will attend, please click here.

ambulances Sumner County EMS
The official web site of the Sumner County Emergency Medical Services.

Habitat for Humanity of Sumner County
Building affordable housing for Sumner County residents.
Sumner County Election Commission
The official web site of the Sumner County Election Commission which handles voter registration.
deed Sumner County Register of Deeds
The official web site of the Sumner County Register of Deeds
Sumner County Registrar of Voters
Their official site.
United Way logo United Way of Sumner County
The official web site for United Way of Sumner County.  With your support, United Way of Sumner County is able to provide services to dozens of community-assistance organizations.


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